Pomegranates are packed with nutrients, including antioxidants and vitamin C. Many people do not buy them simply because they are unsure how to get the seeds out or find it too messy.

There is actually a secret to getting out the pomegranate seeds in a quick and mess-free way...

Step 1: Cut the pomegranate into quarters.

Step 2: Place the pomegranate into a large bowl filled with water.

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Step 3: Gently pull apart the pomegranate while keeping it submerged in water.  Use your thumbs to pop the seeds out of the membrane.

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Step 4: Once all of the seeds have been removed, you will notice that the membrane pieces float to the top of the bowl, and the seeds sink to the bottom.  Carefully pour some of the water out along with the membrane (or you can use your hands or a slotted spoon).  Pour the remaining water and pomegranate seed in a fine mesh strainer along over the sink.


Step 5: Enjoy!  If you want to save them for later use, store in the refrigerator.