Have you chosen to live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and want your children to be a part of that?  Or perhaps you are not a vegetarian, but your child has declared themselves to be one.

Some children decide to become vegetarians when they are old enough to make the connection between the cute face of a cow they see and the piece of meat sitting on their plates that they are told to eat and enjoy.  The idea of this can be troubling for many children.  Then there are of course some children who just do not enjoy the texture or taste of meat, poultry or fish. Regardless of what brought your child to the point of vegetarianism, common questions tend to come up for parents in each of these situations:  Is a vegetarian or vegan diet healthy for a child?  Will my child grow and develop properly on a vegetarian or vegan diet?  How can I ensure my child is getting all of the right nutrients?

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