One of the top concerns for parents is often - is my child getting enough protein?  This can be a particular concern for picky eaters and those who have trouble with the texture of meat, eggs or beans.


It is generally recommended that 10–35% of your daily calories come from protein. These are the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for different age groups:

Children ages 1 – 3     13g

Children ages 4 – 8     19g

Children ages 9 – 13   34g

Girls ages 14 – 18      46g

Boys ages 14 – 18      52g

A small piece of chicken, for example, would provide 14g of protein, which works out to an entire day’s worth of protein for a toddler.  One egg and a handful of almonds would also yield 14g of protein.  Even with the pickiest of eaters, most children are able to meet their protein needs.

So if you have been worried about your child’s protein intake and as a result, putting pressure on them to eat more protein-rich foods, put the chicken down and take a deep breath.  Chances are they are getting exactly what their bodies need.

Note: If you believe there is a real concern, do not hesitate to bring this up with your child’s healthcare provider.  If you would feel more comfortable having a professional look at your child’s to ensure they are getting a balance of nutrients, an individualized nutritional consultation would be recommended.