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Nutritional Counselling

Nutritional Counselling Services  Fees

Aviva offers nutritional counselling for pregnancy, infants, children and families. Aviva can help with specific nutritional concerns such as prenatal nutrition, introducing solids, picky eaters, digestive issues, food sensitivities, healthy weight and vegetarian nutrition, as well offering consultations for adults interested in healthy eating for themselves and their families.


Nutritional consultations & fees:

Introducing Solids Consultation

Fee- $ 135 (one hour session)

Everyone seems to have a different opinion about how to introduce solids, including every doctor/pediatrician, your mother, your friends - even complete strangers.  As a nutritionist and mother of two young kids, Aviva can help you answer these questions and guide YOU to make the best choices for your baby and your family.

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Prenatal Consultation

Fee: $ 135 (one hour session) *Packages of 3 sessions are also available

Proper nutrition during pregnancy is essential to ensuring both the mother and the baby's good health. As a nutritionist and mother of two children, Aviva can help you cope with nausea and other discomforts of pregnancy, address your nutritional concerns and guide you to make the best choices for you and your baby.

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Infant/Child Consultation

Fees: Infant- $ 135 (one hour session); Child - $ 200 (90 minute session)

Parents come to Aviva for help with many different concerns regarding their child's health, including colic, gas, constipation, frequent colds, ear infections, weight concerns, food sensitivities, vegetarian nutrition and picky eaters. Whatever the concern, Aviva can help you address them through dietary modifications and child-appropriate nutritional supplements.

Adult Consultation

Fee: $ 200 (90 minute session)

Whether you are looking to lose weight, address specific health or nutrition concerns or simply want to improve your eating habits, Aviva can help by customizing a plan that fits your individual needs.

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Follow-up Sessions (all ages/stages)

Fee: $ 100 (1 hour session)

The frequency of follow up sessions will vary based on each individual and their specific needs. Aviva will suggest an appropriate follow up schedule for you after your initial consultation.


Nutritional consultations take place via phone and Skype only.

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Aviva Allen is one of  Toronto's leading Kids' Nutritionists specializing in helping parents deal with their picky eaters.


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