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Adventures in Cornbread

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Guest Post

Posted by: Tali

I don't like baking. It's too much like science...and I don't like science. I have a hard time sticking to recipes, and I like adding things off the top of my head when I cook. Nevertheless, I decided to try Aviva's Recipe of the Month. After promising myself that I would NOT add any funky ingredients that weren't listed in the recipe, I gathered all the supplies I would need. This baking endeavor was rather quick and painless, taking only like...7 minutes... to measure and mix everything and get it into a pan. I put it in the oven, and checked it after 25 minutes. It looked amazing, and when I stuck a knife in it, it was clean. But it didn't sound sounded wet and squishy. So I turned off the oven, but put it back in for 6 more minutes. When I took it out for the second time, it was perfect. It sliced really well, and the pieces came out so easily. It's really moist and delicious, but still has that crumbly cornbread texture.

Now, all I need is some chili...


Notes from Aviva: I'm glad you enjoyed the cornbread, Tali. I see by your photo that you used a ceramic dish so that may have accounted for the extra baking time required (I use a glass baking dish). This brings up a great point though - If anyone making this recipe uses a non-stick/metal baking dish, it is a faster conductor of heat. You will likely need to reduce the baking time so the cornbread doesn't dry out.


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