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Tim Hortons Real Fruit Smoothies: Buyer Beware

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I recently had the unfortunate experience of tasting one of Tim Hortons new "Real Fruit Smoothies" while in labour with my second child. I needed some liquid energy, and being a holiday Monday in downtown Toronto, the Tim Hortons inside the hospital was my only option. My husband husband bought me one of each flavour, not being sure which I would prefer and thinking it would be a healthier choice as their marketing suggests. Both the Strawberry Banana and Mixed Berry flavour were so sweet that I could not drink either, despite my depleted state!
I later investigated the ingredients for these smoothies and to no surprise, the super sweetness did not come from any actual fresh fruit, but instead came from high-fructose corn syrup.

These so-called "Real" Fruit Smoothies contain fruit purees and juices only - which are blended with ice and a mixture of three different forms of sugars: high fructose corn syrup, glucose and molasses along with salt, added colour and preservatives.

Tim Hortons announced that their "New Real Fruit Smoothies are bursting with a full serving of fruit". One serving of fruit is only half a cup. Imagine making a yourself a smoothie at home using only half a cup of fruit and large cup of ice. It would taste pretty weak. That is why they need add all of that highly-processed liquid sugar.

Tim Hortons should be ashamed of themselves trying to pass-off this sugary beverage as a component of a healthy diet.

Here's a recipe for a REAL fruit smoothie you can make at home. Enjoy!

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

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