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Healthy Weight


Are you concerned that your child is underweight? Perhaps they are not eating enough or are very particular about what foods they will eat? Are you worried that your child is not getting enough nutrients for proper growth and development?

  • Find out where you child is on the growth curve.
  • Address any possible nutrient deficiencies though food and child appropriate supplements. 
  • Learn about ways to include more nutrient dense foods into your child's diet.

Nutritionist Fees

Infant: Initial consultation - $175; follow up sessions - $150

Child: Initial consultation - $250; follow up sessions - $150


Childhood obesity is at record levels. Your child may not be at the point of obesity, but if your child is putting on excess weight, there can be serious health implications down the road if the issue is not addressed. 

There are certain periods in childhood where some extra weight gain is normal, for example, around the time of puberty. However, this is typically self-corrected when followed by a growth spurt.  

If your child seems to be putting on weight for no apparent reason, has a poor diet, is having issues with self-control or binging, these are issues that need to be addressed. Depending on the age of your child, weight can be a very sensitive issue so dealing with the situation in the right way is very important. 

  • Find out what factors may be contributing to your child's weight gain.
  • Learn about the appropriate foods for your child as well as proper quantities and proportions.
  • Discuss the best ways to deal with your child's weight issues and how to talk to them about it. 


Nutritionist Fees

Initial Consultation: $250

Follow up sessions: $150