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Healthy Moms Toronto Terms and Conditions



1.  Healthy Moms Toronto Discount Card Program (the “Program”) connects approved retailers, service providers and other eligible businesses (the “Business”) with individuals who hold valid Healthy Moms Toronto Discount Cards (the “Cardholder”).

2.  Cardholder is entitled to receive an exclusive promotion, special offer and/or direct discount (the “Benefits”) when the Cardholder shops at an approved Business between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016, inclusive.

3.  Cardholder must hold and demonstrate a valid Healthy Moms Toronto Discount Card (the “Card”) in order to be eligible for the Benefits.

4.  The approved Business and Benefits List is provided on the Program website: www.healthymomstoronto.com. This list is subject to change, check regularly for updates.

5.  Card is for individual use only. Business corporations, joint ventures, partnerships, groups, or associations may not register.

6.  Program reserves the right to refuse any applicant or terminate any Cardholder who does not comply with the Terms and Conditions contained in this agreement.


7.  The cost of a Healthy Moms Toronto Discount Card is $25 per year and is not pro-rated, regardless of what point in the year the Card is purchased. Card holds no monetary value and is not a debit, credit or payment card.

Special Offer: When pre-ordered in advance of the 2016 calendar year, the cost of a 2016 Healthy Moms Toronto Discount Card is $20.

8.  To apply for a Card, complete and submit the online Application Form on the Program website: www.healthymomstoronto.com. The applicant certifies that all information provided to Program is true, accurate and complete. Any false or misleading information given in Card application and any accompanying materials will result in rejection of Card application or revocation of Card. Cards may also be purchased through representatives of the Program at community events.

9.  The applicant, if approved, is issued one (1) Card.

10.  Cardholder can use the Card only at a participating Business.

11.  To receive Benefits, Cardholder must present their original Card to the cashier of the Business before the purchase transaction is completed. A facsimile will not be accepted.

12.  To receive Benefits through online purchasing, Cardholder must enter a valid promo code provided in the welcome letter that will arrive with your Card. Promo codes may not be shared. Business may ask for additional proof of Cardholder’s status in the Program.  

13. Benefits are offered to Cardholder at the sole discretion of a Business. Business may cease to honour Benefits without prior notice. Benefits may also be subject to change without prior notice. For an updated Business and Benefits List, refer regularly to the Program website: www.healthymomstoronto.com.

14.  Program is not responsible for lost or stolen Cards. Refunds or replacement Cards will not be provided. All Cards remain the property of the Program and must be returned upon request.


15.  All claims or disputes between a Business and Cardholder shall be settled directly between the Business and Cardholder. Cardholder may contact Program to provide comments about the Program and/or Business, but Program is not obligated to follow up, investigate, mediate or arbitrate any claim or dispute between a Business and Cardholder.


16.  Program makes no endorsement, representation or warranty, express or implied, relating to the competence, quality, or suitability of any Business or Benefits offered by the Business as part of the Program.

17.  Cardholder, by accepting the Terms and Conditions contained in this agreement, agrees to assume all responsibility for participation in the Program. Program makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, relating to any Benefit or the availability, competence, quality or financial status of any Business providing such Benefits.

18.  Cardholder agrees to waive and release the Program and its representatives from and against any claims or liabilities whatsoever including, without limitation, any damages, costs and liability for any and all loss, injury or damage to any property or person, whether direct, special, consequential, indirect or of any other nature, in connection with or related to the Cardholder's participation in the Program.

To become an approved Business, the Business applies to the Program and completes a list of Benefits to be provided to Cardholders. Program will determine if the Business and products/services offered are in-line with Program’s values, however, it is the responsibility of Cardholder to perform their own due diligence into the claims made by the Business and merits of the products or services provided as Benefits.


19.  Cardholder agrees Program may communicate with them via email. Communications may include, Business or Benefit updates and an offer to purchase a Card for the next calendar year at a reduced rate.  Any Cardholder who does not wish to receive email updates may contact Program at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to unsubscribe.


20.  By receipt and use of the Card, Cardholder expressly accepts and agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions contained in this agreement.