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Vegetarian Nutrition

  • Are you considering becoming a vegetarian/vegan and want to ensure you are making a healthy transition?
  • Are you already a vegetarian/vegan and want to improve your diet?
  • Is someone in your family a vegetarian/vegan? Do you struggle with trying to accommodate their dietary needs?

It is often assumed that a vegetarian diet is a healthier choice. When foods are properly and thoughtfully combined, a vegetarian diet can be very healthy, but the reality is that many vegetarians have quite unbalanced diets.

Animal products are removed from the diet but are not necessarily substituted with other quality sources of protein. More often than not, protein derived from animal products are replaced with heavily processed meat substitutes or an excess of refined carbohydrates such as bread and pasta.

This type of vegetarian diet can lead to health issues such as nutritional deficiencies, digestive disorders, skin problems, blood sugar imbalance and weight gain as well as more serious health problems down the road.

 As a nutritionist and trained vegetarian chef, Aviva can help you and your family enjoy a healthful and balanced vegetarian diet.

Nutritionist Fees:

Initial assessment: $250

Follow up sessions: $150


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