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Adult Nutrition

Healthy Eating

Aviva uses a gradual approach to making changes in the diet.  Trying to change too much at once can be very overwhelming, hard on your body and difficult to maintain.

Aviva also believes in adding to the diet, not just taking away.  Your family will be introduced to new, healthy foods while slowly reducing the foods that have a negative affect on their health.

  • Find out how to improve the health of your family through gradual dietary changes
  • Discover simply, tasty and easy to prepare meals that the whole family will enjoy.
  • Learn about ways to boost your immune systems and keep your family as healthy as possible.


Nutritionist Fees:

Initial assessment
- $200 (90 minute session)
Follow up sessions - $100

Weight Loss

Whether you are a mom with some remaining baby weight to shed or a dad who gained more weight during his partner's pregnancy than she did, Aviva can help you lose the excess pounds!

The first step in achieving long term weight management requires a change of focus away from the scale and towards improving overall health, energy level and quality of life.

Aviva will customize a weight loss plan that fits with your individual needs and health issues.


Nutritionist Fees:

Initial assessment - $150 (90 minute session)
Follow up sessions
- $65* (30 minute session)
* Or choose a package of 4 follow up sessions for $200 (sessions must take place within a two month period).

Organic Food

Aviva Allen is one of  Toronto's leading Kids' Nutritionists specializing in helping parents deal with their picky eaters.


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